Golden Necklace

Golden Necklace KLMNKANHTR

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Al Fattah is one of the 99 beautiful names of God Almighty. It means to open and simplify all kinds of difficulties, remove troubles, solve problems, and to open all the material and spiritual gates that dominate among the subjects to profundity. The name’s root ‘feth’ means to open. Conquest and victories are in the hands of God and are at his will. The introduction of the Surah Al-Fatiha at the beginning of the holy book also constitutes this wisdom. And that is the key to the Qur'an. After Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror conquered Istanbul, he built a doorknocker on the holy place Hagia Sophia known as the 8th wonder of the world both emphasizing the opening function of that door, as well as reminding us our reverence and belonging to Allah, who has the power to open, each time we open it. And let us remember our belonging. Let our necklace designed by reminiscing the motives on that doorknocker and inspired by the Al Fattah inscription remind us God Almighty who is capable of everything. Wishing you all your doors be opened always…