Mirror Necklace

Mirror Necklace KLBYKAYNAT

1250 $



Mirrors are the easiest way to be protected from negative energies and come out in almost every culture as the symbol of clarity, lucidity, reflections of the truth, protection and symbol of self-recognition. From Asia to Europe in many cultures and shamans; they are used as a protection from negative energies; Mayas and the Aztecs; to show their own light to their gods, and to say “see me, do not forget me”; in nomadic cultures; they were used so that their joy would not be stolen by outsiders. In Iran and Anatolia, mirrors were places inside talismans as a protection from the evil eye. The Prophet Mohammad is said to have never missed his mirror from his side and prayed every time he looked at it. As quoted from Prophet Ali, each time Prophet Mohammad looked at the mirror he said; “Elhamdü lillah. Allahümme kema hassentehalki fehassin huluki”, meaning; “Praise be to Allah. My dear lord, Allah, as you created my creation beautifully, make my morals as beautiful as well.” For years, mirrors have been of great importance to human beings. A mirror has the power to show you all your directions, and this power allows us to face all these directions.