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Archangel Michael (Mikhael) is the first being created by God from himself, the first angle. He is one of the seven archangels of God. After his creation, he stood with God in the creation of the Universe and all other beings. Archangel Michael is the commander archangel in charge of the order and protection of the Universe, who fights with and purifies the negative energy. The commander of the celestial army, the chief of Paradise, he is the leader of the archangels. Mikha'el name means "the one who is like God /who is God". Angel Michael is recognized and accepted in all divine religions. He is symbolically depicted with his sword made from blue flame, and with a shield and armor. Archangel Michael, who can slay the negative energy and negative ethereal bonds upon us with hispowerful sword, is tasked to clear us from negative emotions. His aura color is dark blue. Archangel Michael’s energy is a very powerful energy that purifies, neutralizes and cleans up the negative energy. Every time a help is called, he comes to help with affection, every time protection is yearned, he protects and helps. As in the other various ages of the world, during the transition to the Age of Harmony, Archangel Michael is responsible for the world and for the help of humanity.

Angel Michael's name and energy is the pure love of God.