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Divine feminine energies shape everything to convert that all over again positively in this new age we are going through. Who feels these in one’s heart of hearts, they devote themselves to doing feel pleasure occupations as unconditionally. In the World, there are many exciting stories for humans. Our story is just one of them…

We are Ebru & Bahar Niziplioglu and two sisters who are passionate about jewels, we started of with our designs included thousands stories and sense’s which is a reflection of our own inner journey. We incorporated both candlemaking and chocolate for completed our extraordinary concept to be existence in both minds and hearts.

Our store on Nişantaşı Valikonağı Street, which was opened in 2015, is the first step of the journey in which our courage is blended with faith and love.

Behind, our first jewelry collection symbolized archangels makes an overwhelming impression in Turkey, the second store we have opened in New York Manhattan likes a pop up store that is the second pleasure point of the trip in 2017.

In 2022, we added silver collection in our structure to aimed to reach big a wider network in the light of our own values as Devon by Sisters.

You know that while enabling you to discover the essence within you with our designs, creating a bridge for you to make the right choices at this point, seeing the flashes of burning light in your eyes takes us to another dimension of our goal. Wishing to always have a share in your happiness...

     Ebru & Bahar
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